Monday, September 15, 2008

A another thought on circumcision

Thanks to whoever sent the link to the article in the comments under "Le Circ". Being a nurse means being an advocate for your patient and the article goes into detail of how nurses at a hospital in NM went the full distance trying to educate their patients. In their case, their jobs were endangered due to this effort.

This last week I changed a diaper on a newborn who just had a circ, so this meant I had to take off the Vaseline gauze used and replace it. It broke my heart to have to cause that infant so much pain in doing my job. Being a nurse means that sometimes you have to do things to people that hurt, but it is for their own good. I couldn't even justify it this time.

At some point in class we will be debating on circ's and if they are necessary. I know that I will be on the side of "unnecessary" because to me it is just genital mutilation.

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