Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dr. Nurse

Last Friday, Dr. Whirlwind (the head of our program) came into class to go over the many educational choices we will have after we graduate from the current program. You see, I am attending a school where I will get a diploma from the school and an Associates in Health Something or other from the school where we did the pre-req's.

She covered the RN-BSN route - which she said was good if you don't have another degree. She recommended that if you already have a degree, such as myself, then going into an RN-MSN program is the better choice. I was already leaning in that direction until she mentioned that there are more RN-PhD and RN-DNS (Doctor of Nursing Science) programs starting up. Naturally that got my attention since I eventually want to teach at a nursing school.

Time will tell which route I will go, but the Husband said, "Hmmm... Dr. Nurse - I like the sound of it."

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