Thursday, September 6, 2007

Meltdown Avoided

Since we had Monday off it has been a short week for us (like almost everyone else in the country). I anticipate that my normal Friday 11 am meltdown won't happen. It seems that I just hit the wall on Friday's around 11 am. At that point I have had enough and all I want to do is crawl under my desk and cry. Nothing sets it off - I'm just overloaded by then. I thought I was the only one doing something like that, but a classmate yesterday mentioned that by the end of the day on Thursday's and Friday's she and the people sitting in her row get really giggly and can't stop. I'm not in a "giggle kind of row" so my sign of being overwhelmed is the intense urge to cry for no apparent reason. I'm hoping that this Friday will be different and I can make it at least until 2 pm before it hits.

Don't worry, I'm fine - this is just the reality of nursing school. We have so much information thrown at us that after a while it gets a bit too much. The head of our program, Dr. Whirlwind (not her real name, she is just like a whirlwind - always around and doing something) said that if we can get through this program, everything else will be much easier to us.

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