Monday, April 14, 2008


The course coordinator for 2nd semester is a very matter of fact, no nonsense kind of person. I came into the semester all excited because I thought she was going to be the kind of instructor I would love. WRONG.

What I didn't know is that rampant favoritism is also one of her attributes. We have several people in my class who love to inspect our instructors tonsils by using an anal entry. I know this and expect it within any classroom setting. What I hate is when the instructors fawn all over these students. I have a BA in education, I have spent time in the classroom as a teacher and a student. There is a way to keep a balance between your favorite students and the rest of the class. Instructor Y either doesn't know how to keep the balance or doesn't care if one even exists. On top of that all of her favorites happen to be the shallow, appearance matters types of people.

I really, really tried to keep an open mind about this situation but a couple of weeks ago a seemingly benign comment snapped that open mind completely closed. It was in the middle of a lecture and the instructor said something to one of her favorites that I interpreted as a private joke between the two of them. Right there in the middle of class the instructor singled out a student and made an inference that only the two of them understood.

BUZZZZZ! Thanks for playing, but Cathy X. Is wants you boot you right out of the door. I have no problem with students and teachers becoming friends in the type of situation I am in. I have a BIG problem with that friendship not having limits within the classroom.

I have named this instructor Y because - Why oh Why are you such a bad judge of character.

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