Thursday, April 10, 2008

Once Upon a Time

there was a rather large male client with a nasty mouth that needed a bed bath. "Little White Support Hose" nursing student was called upon to bathe the said client, so she bounced into the room to help. "Little White Support Hose" was eager to help and wanted to make a good impression with the big, bad client.

"Little White Support Hose" starts at the top and works her way down, just like a good student is taught. She comes to the nether regions and exclaims in her head, "Oh my, what an enormous ball sack you have!" ""Little White Support Hose" goes to town cleaning the area as best as she can with a straight face.

"Little White Support Hose" gets done and moves down to the feet. That is when the client states, "That was a good job. You weren't afraid to get down in there and scrub."

"Little White Support Hose" left the room feeling dirtier than when she went in.

The End

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