Friday, August 15, 2008

McDonald's All-American

This summer I joined a gym in order to help lose weight and avoid being one of the people that I have seen in the hospital this summer.

I knew that I had sit through a sales pitch at the gym, but what I didn't expect was the sales guy wanting me to listen to his "story."

So picture it, I'm sitting in this cramped office in this gym while this fairly in shape guy leans in closer to tell me his story of woe.

He starts off by saying that he's had a tough journey on the roaid to fitness and he started it by saying he was a McDonald's All American.

Keep in mind - I think he is about to tell me something like "I was 400 lbs and was about to die because I was being smothered by my own weight."

So when he said McDonald's All American - I thought he meant that he ate a lot of McDonald's. So I naturally started laughing.

He was offended and asked me what I was laughing at - so I told him that I thought he ate a lot of McDonald's. After he wiped the "I've got a crazy white girl in my office" look from his face, he laughed and explained to me what the hell a McDonald's All American meant.

He made the sale, but I avoid him like a Big Mac when I am in there.

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