Saturday, August 9, 2008

Standing up for the "Little Guy"

Oh CNN how I love you this morning. You brought me a newstory that warms my heart and renews my faith in my own ability to sniff out bullshit.

I have never trusted John Edwards. From the moment he bought the Senate primary election in NC I knew that he was the epitome of a politician, someone only looking out for his own interests. He is the man that repeatedly told the voters of NC that he wasn't interested in running for President, he wanted to serve his constituents, and then he turned around and ran for president. He's the man that told his presidential supporters that he wouldn't accept a place on the ticket with John Kerry, and then he took it. He is the man that told the laid off workers of Pillowtex in Kannapolis that he would help them in anyway he could, but failed to mention that his vote in Congress to establish free trade relations with China may have been a rung in the ladder that led to their situation.

Now he has admitted to an affair back in 2006.

The article mentions that he "had campaigned on the message that he was standing up for the little guy" I think we now know which little guy was standing up.

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