Wednesday, July 11, 2007


In order to keep within HIPAA regulations and to preserve some semblance of discretion, I will be referring to my classmates, clients, family and friends by nicknames. This isn’t a far stretch considering that from the moment I started taking my pre-requisite courses at the beginning of the year I privately gave my classmates nicknames (always ending in “Nurse”) when talking to my husband. I realized after about 4 months it would be better to use their real names so when he meets them I don’t have to whisper their secret identity to him.

So, on this blog everyone will have a secret identity. So stay tuned to the adventures of Student Nurse Cathy X. Is and her classmates Real-Estate Nurse (sells real estate), Security Nurse (lots of security related jobs that if I talked about he would have to shoot me), Cake Nurse (she makes wedding cakes on the side) and Grey Nurse (she loves Grey’s Anatomy).

Oh and the husband will be called BB = Big Brain. This comes from a conversation with a coworker who was meeting men that were blessed with brawn, but not brains. I told her she needed to get a guy with a “Big Brain”.

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