Saturday, July 14, 2007

So Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse?

That seems like a simple question, but for me it is a complicated answer. There are so many factors that went into the decision to go to nursing school that it is hard to distill them into a single answer.

Last night BB (AKA Big Brain, my husband) and I were talking about this very question and my difficulty in answering it without sounding like either an idealistic freak or a complete moron.

Information necessary to understand the rest of this story: For years I have wanted a dog. I understand the implications of ownership and the financial demands that accompany the decision. Therefore, it has just been too much of a responsibility for me to undertake. I decided that after I passed the NCLEX (nursing school boards) test that my reward would be to get a dog.

I have loved Basset Hounds forever and ever. There's something in those ears and stumpy legs that just melt my heart. I even love their stubborn personality. For years I figured I would eventually get a Basset. Whatever I get, the dog will have a job. I intend to train it to become a therapy dog. These are animals that go into nursing homes and hospitals to visit people. So keeping that in mind I knew that the Basset would be fine, but then I started to think about the Welsh Pembroke Corgi. They were originally bred as cattle dogs, so they have the stubby legs I love so much, a silkier coat than the Basset and they need a sense of purpose. Plus, they are SO darn cute!
Back to the original story:

BB made the insightful suggestion of saying "I'm going to nursing school in order to get a dog." I thought that was perfect. So now my answer is going to be "I'm going to nursing school in order to support my future dog." It is a short, true answer to the question. It sure beats the 5 minute lecture I could give on all the reasons.

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