Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jumping through Hoops

I think that nursing schools weed out some students just through their admissions process.

If you want to get into a nursing school these are the steps you might have to go through before you can step through the door:

Fill out an application
Get 3 (but I got 4) letters of recommendation
Go to the Post office and get a cashiers check for application fee
Get all of your schools to send transcripts (I'm surprised they didn't want one from my mothers obstetrician saying what an exceptional fetus I was)
Write an essay
Take an entrance test
Wait while the Student Affairs Committee decides if they want you in the school
Get sick to your stomach when you see the letter in the mail
Jump up and down when you read that you have been accepted
Freak out when you realize what you have just done
Go back to the Post Office to get a cashiers check for the admissions fee
Undergo a background check (This wasn't so bad, the background check to get my temp job was much more intense)
Take all your prerequisite courses
Get a physical with bloodwork and pee in a cup
Make sure our immunizations are up to date (I've had 4 in the last month - my body is SO not happy with me)
Get a TB Test
Pay tuition
Get stethoscope and shoes
Follow up with getting more things faxed from your doctor
All the while keeping my fingers crossed that everything that you mail gets to the school on time.

It has been like a part time job getting some of this done.

Now keep in mind that this was only one school and that in the beginning I applied to three schools. Luckily the one I wanted the most accepted me and I could jettison the other two schools requirements.

As of today I believe that I have everything in and I am ready to go.

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