Thursday, August 9, 2007

It's too damn hot

I bought and put together two new fans because of the heat we are enduring. We have air conditioning, but with heat over 100 everyday and not much cool air coming at night, it just can't keep up.

I went today for my employee health appointment at the hospital. All it was about was a reminder for me to get the last of my Hepatitis B vaccinations in November. I immediately went to HR and got my ID badge made. At least now I have a student ID so I can get into the movies at a reduced price.

Tomorrow I have off from school, but I will be spending a majority of the day doing homework. I've got a concept map to make, read an outline, print a forest of paperwork and do a scavenger hunt a to familiarize myself with Blackboard (the online component of our course) for Monday. Then I need to write a paper, take some safety orientation stuff for the hospital and look for journal articles for Friday. Pretty light load so far I think and NO I am not kidding.

I also need to finish setting up my schedule. I have to make a master calendar so that I can keep track of where I need to be each day, what time I need to be there and the dress code for the day. Gone are the days when I could just do it on the fly because I could remember everything.

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