Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Support Hose are Coming! The Support Hose are Coming!

I broke down and ordered some knee high support hose to wear with my pants uniform. I figured I would give the half ones a try before trying the full ones that go with the dress. I anticipate I will be wearing the pants set more than the dress. I have visions of bending over the wrong way and giving an elderly gentleman a heart attack from fright.

I also decided to buy an additional stethoscope. I bought a fancy shmancy Littmann and even though I got my name engraved on it, I'm not too thrilled with the idea of it walking off during a clinical. I ended up getting a cheaper model from Littmann to take with me to clincials (with my initials on the chestpiece) and I will use the fancy one for labs.

I also got a blood pressure cuff so that I can torment BB by taking his blood pressure until his arm turns purple :) Only kidding honey.. I'm told the bruising goes away rather quickly.

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